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Omaha Fire Protection: Fire Extinguishers 

Give your employees and patrons the fire extinguisher Omaha options needed to protect themselves and the establishment in case of a fire. Having a fire extinguisher readily available in case of emergency is key in maintaining the safety of your business. While every business is legally required to have their fire extinguishers maintained on a regular basis, teaching staff how to use this tool is essential for great fire protection Omaha. Extinguishers must be fully charged, operating properly, and kept in designated places at all times. At Advanced Fire & Safety, we can take care maintenance for you as either a standalone service or during other service offerings.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Testing Services

Advanced Fire & Safety inspects, tests, and refills all varieties of fire extinguishers including:

ABC Multi-Purpose
Carbon Dioxide
Water Mist
Class D
Class K
Purple K
Halotron/Clean Agent


Fire Extinguisher Sales

Keep your building or new installation under great fire protection Omaha up to code with extinguishers and cabinets to fit your needs. We carry a full line of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, both “compliance” (code required) and “specialty” types.

Fix Pyro Chem



Advanced Fire & Safety offers a number of different styles, sizes and models of fire extinguisher cabinets. From white baked enamel (steel) to aluminum to stainless steel to plastic to fiberglass to wood, all of our fire extinguisher cabinets are of the highest quality. All of this is to ensure quality fire protection Omaha.

Fully Recessed
Semi Recessed
Surface Mounted
Stainless Steel
Fire Rated



Advanced Fire & Safety offers the largest selection of extinguisher brackets and bracket adapters with a wide range of mounting options.

Wall Hanger
Bracket Adapters
Wall Strap Type
Heavy Duty Box Type Vehicle
Horn Holders
Heavy Duty Dolly Cart
Heavy Duty Rubber Strap
I Beam

Fire Extinguisher Inspections And Training

If creating a safe work environment is your top priority, regular checking of your fire extinguishers for optimal operation is a must. Routine examination of your extinguishers will determine whether they need maintenance or replacement. You can depend on our experts to make sure your fire extinguishers are ready for peak performance.

Regular monthly and annual inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguishers ensure proper operation. AFS will come inspect your fire extinguishers at regular intervals to confirm they are ready to perform at optimal capability. These routine inspections ensure the safety of your employees, your company, and its assets.

Every commercial business or establishment is legally required to have their fire extinguishers maintained on a regular basis to be sure that they are in good working condition. Advanced Fire and Safety can take care of that for you as either a standalone service or during any of our other offered services. We are convenient and affordable. We add you to our recurring schedule and tag your fire extinguisher with the next service date. We will call when you are due for service. We work according to your schedule and availability to check your extinguishers at a time that works best for you.

Fire extinguishers can be needed in a residential market also for essential fire protection Omaha. Whether you need 1 or 500 fire extinguishers AFS is an easy choice. At the most affordable reliable company in our industry, call us today, we are happy to help.



Fire Extinguisher Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring a certified company?

  • To make sure your facility is safe, hire a certified company that is bonded and insured. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Is the fire extinguisher in the right location?

  • Confirm that your fire extinguisher in a visible, unobstructed place with easy, quick access.

Is the fire extinguisher in good condition, with legible operating instructions and tags?

  • Confirm the locking pin is intact and has an unbroken tamper seal. Check the fire extinguisher for corrosion, leaks or a clogged nozzle. Make sure the nameplate and instructions are legible.

Does the pressure gauge show the correct pressure?

  • Verify the pressure gauge indicates operational pressure and range.