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Hood Washing

If you work in a restaurant, you know how crucial it is to make sure your fire safety protocols are up to par. But some restaurant owners wonder how to prevent restaurant fires. Fires in restaurants are fairly common, yet they are avoidable if you take the right measures and precautions. One thing that helps with fire prevention that many people don’t think about is hood washing. The hood over your stove can have built-up grease, smoke, and food particles that can catch on fire if not cleaned regularly and correctly. 

At Advanced Fire & Safety, we offer fire prevention services and can clean your hood until it is spotless. We make sure to get every particle off your hood to reduce the chances of it catching on fire, and we do so with the highest grade cleaning equipment available. 


Here is how the process works when you hire Advanced Fire & Safety for hood washing services. 

Step 1: Contact us 

Step 2: Get a free quote 

Step 3: We’ll complete the service 

Step 4: 100% satisfaction guarantee 

If you have been searching for the best commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me, contact Advanced Fire & Safety. We have you covered!